Finding your (jean) match!

Finding the perfect pair of jeans has always been hard for me. I’m 5ft tall and have a little bit of curves.

You would think because I’m so petite that finding jeans would be easy but that’s not the case. My jeans would always bunch up at the ankle and there would be this super annoying gap right above my butt whenever I would sit down.

I’ve shopped for jeans pretty much everywhere you can think of and no luck. But then I found American Eagle (which is now one of my favorite stores).

They have the BEST fitting jeans I’ve ever found. I learned a long time ago that buying clothes shouldn’t be about the number size – it should be about what fits you COMFORTABLY!

I guess that I fell into that trap of only buying my jeans in a size 2 but news flash all clothes are NOT created equally.

The first step in finding the right pair of jeans is measuring! Have a family member or a friend help you out with this.

Put those measurements in your phone then go online to your preferred store and find some jeans. A lot of websites now have a size guide so compare the measurements you took with the ones on the website and that should be your size.

I can’t stress this enough though – TRY THEM ON! Unless you already own a pair of jeans from this brand to the store and try them on. And I mean put them on, sit down in the fitting room if you can, move around see how they feel.

Now here are some of my favorite styles of jeans from American Eagle:

AE Ne(x)t Level Jegging

AE Stretch Mom Jean

AE 360 Ne(x)t Level Super High-Waisted Jegging

Remember that it’s always about comfort over size. I don’t pay attention to the actually number size anymore because that’s an unhealthy spiral I just concern myself with the comfort of my clothes!

Leave a comment below on what your favorite, best fitting pair of jeans are! (:

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