Trestique Makeup Review

Like so many of you I haven’t been wearing a lot of makeup this year. I still use the essentials : mascara, brow gel and occasionally eyeliner but I’m not wearing a full face on a regular basis.

However I was still really excited to try these products out. Full transparency I received these products totally for free (they are not asking me to post about it) but I still wanted to share my thoughts with you and I’m going to be REALLY honest in this review.

I’ve only ever tried Trestique before in an Ipsy bag about 3ish years ago and to be honest I don’t really remember if I liked the product or not. When they reached out to me and asked me to pick out some products I was really intrigued by the fact that they are a clean and cruelty free makeup brand.

The products I decided to try were the Tinted Moisture and Bend Face Stick, Define Sculpt and Set Brow Pencil, Matte Color and Shiny Balm Lip Crayon and the Color and Blend Shadow Crayon. First and foremost the packaging is so cute! Everything is very compact so it fits perfectly into any bag/purse.

Before we get any further I just want to state that Trestique does not have a very inclusive shade range when it comes to the face makeup. That is the ONLY problem I have with this brand. But the product itself is great.

Let’s talk about the tinted moisturizer stick. The color I chose was Paradise Island Beige I would say it’s true to my skin color. It has a very buildable coverage which for me is ideal. I don’t wear any foundation or heavy coverage makeup. I definitely loved how this product covered my acne but still made my skin look like skin! I masked for about 6 hours and I didn’t notice any heavy smearing or transfer.

The blender that’s attached on the other end does a pretty good job of blending out the product. I will say that if you have dryer skin you might need to use a damp beauty blender for ease of use. Overall I love this product and have definitely been using it a lot the last couple weeks.

The brow definer was the product I was most skeptical about, I’m super picky on how my brows look so I was just really weary on this one. I think I picked the right shade (Espresso) considering I couldn’t actually see these products in person. I’m not a huge fan of the angled shape of the pencil but it gets the job done. The brow gel however I was not impressed by. I feel the color is more red than brown and is way lighter than the pencil.

Eyeshadow is probably my favorite part about makeup so the shadow crayon was the product I was most excited about. I’m always in a rush in the morning and this product was literally made for that. With or without shadow primer the shadow stays on all day and doesn’t crease (keep in mind my dry skin and non oily eyelids). The blender that comes with it works great to blend out the shadow! I chose the color Burgundy Shimmer and the pigment is also really nice – when blended out it becomes more subtle but it’s a very buildable color.

Now for lips! This particular matte lip is the perfect fall color(Florence Fig). It goes on so smooth and does not dry out your lips at all. The balm that’s attached to the bottom is perfect and does a great job of hydrated/priming your lips. I will say I would wait for the balm to set on your lips before applying the lipstick because it makes the color shiny and less matte.

Overall I’m really pleased with this brand and I’ve definitely found myself reaching for these products in the last couple weeks. I also feel like having something new to try has forced me to put on a little extra makeup even if I am wearing a mask for most of my day. I definitely have felt more confident the last couple weeks.

This brand is perfect for someone who doesn’t have a lot of time in the morning to apply makeup or someone who is constantly on the go. I would encourage you try out their brand – I am going to be trying out all the other products they have to offer.

Let me know if you’ve ever tried Trestique before in the comments or on Instagram!

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