Trestique Makeup Review

Like so many of you I haven’t been wearing a lot of makeup this year. I still use the essentials : mascara, brow gel and occasionally eyeliner but I’m not wearing a full face on a regular basis. However I was still really excited to try these products out. Full transparency I received these products [...]

Current Skincare Favorites

I am always trying out new products and my bathroom counter is constantly cluttered with an array of skincare goodies. Through my skincare/acne journey I've been using some new products that I've fallen in love with. I figured why not share with you some products that I've been showing some love to. Glow Recipe was [...]

At Home Mani

I've been painting my nails since I was about 6, granted I wasn't great but you'd better be sure I had my nails done. Through the years I've tried all the trends. In high school I think I used to paint my nails every other day just to try something new. I didn't always have [...]

Summer Staples

My all time favorite season:  SUMMER! I absolutely hate sweating and the heat but I love summer because I get to wear shorts, crop tops, sandals etc. Summer fashion is literally my favorite thing on the planet and even when it’s not summer you will catch me in some denim cutoffs or a crop top [...]

My Skincare Routine

My mom told me once that you need to start taking care of your skin at a young age and she is SO right. I've always struggled with finding the right products because I have SUPER dry skin and acne. I can't tell you how much money I've spent on trying to finding skincare products [...]

Staying stylish @ home

Staying at home for the last few months has taught me something - it’s so much easier to stay in my pj’s than to put effort into a cute outfit. Honestly speaking most days it doesn’t make me feel confident. As someone who actually likes putting outfits together staying in my oversized shirt and shorts [...]